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Engineering & Design

DTS is committed to producing the project outcomes you are looking for. DTS takes the time to listen and understand your requirements and provides a solution that is fit for purpose and provides you with value for money. This starts with DTS in house engineering practices that include consultancy, detailed design, estimating and computer aided drafting.  

DTS engineering practices are part of the DTS Integrated Management Systems and our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Design enginee

DTS has acquired a reputation for being the company to call when the task at hand is not necessarily straight forward and requires lateral thinking and a willingness to produce the required outcomes when other companies have walked away.

We look forward to developing our understanding of your desired project outcomes and providing the complete engineering solution.

  • Engineering & Project Management
  • Preparation of Design Briefs
  • Design Concept and Energy Modeling
  • Preparation of Tender Specifications and Tender Drawings
  • Detailed Engineering Design and Drafting including all aspects of Safety in design
  • Cost Estimation

DTS perform many engineering consultancies for clients across HVAC&R, Electrical and Lighting disciplines. 

Consultancies and investigations are performed by the appropriate mix of well trained and experienced engineering and technical staff.  Staff with the specific skills sets are assigned to ensure all facets of the investigation are fully developed.

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consultancy services

HVAC Consultancy and Engineering

  • Building Heat Load Calculation and Analysis
  • Psychrometric Analysis to match load requirements
  • Energy Audits
  • Building Energy Modelling
  • Assessment for compliance with all regulatory, NCC (BCA) and Standards Australia requirements.
  • Preliminary and detailed design and estimation.
  • Detailed design and drafting
  • CAD and 3D Drafting
  • HVAC&R Commissioning and Handover reporting.
  • Defect investigation and reporting.
  • Condition Assessment and Life cycle reporting
  • Preparation of asset lists and maintenance schedules to conform to regulatory requirements.

Electrical Consultancy and Design

  • Equipment Load Calculations
  • Maximum Demand Calculations
  • Cable Size Calculations specific to the installation requirements
  • Circuit Breaker Performance, Cascading Calculations, Circuit Breaker Selections
  • Upstream Supply Capacity and Availability
  • Switchboard layout drawings to meet site, segregation and performance and form rating requirements
  • Specification of switch board load requirements.
  • Switchboard schematic drawings.
  • Design of New Distribution and Mechanical Services Switchboards
  • Cable Pathway Design
  • Control strategy and control system design, programming and commissioning
  • Condition Assessment and Life cycle reporting.
  • Preparation of asset lists and maintenance schedules to conform to regulatory requirements.

Lighting Consultancy and Design

  • Lighting Designs
  • Power distribution and Switching 
  • Direction of manufacturing of lighting components
  • Lighting Level (Lux Level) Audits
  • Underground power distribution design and pit and conduit sizing
  • Geometric testing and footing design
  • Pole and footing and foundation design