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Ipswich Civic Centre

Chiller Replacement

Ipswich Civic Centre

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The Ipswich Civic Centre is a performing arts and entertainment centre built in the early 1970s. The building was served by an aging reciprocating chiller within a plant room on the ground floor. The chiller together with the wrought iron chilled water piping and discrete electric and electronic control was at the end of its economic life and produced low energy efficiencies and produced a noise issue within the building.

Council made the decision to replace the aging equipment and controls.

DTS provided the energy efficient design and construction of the new chilled water system complete with turbo core chiller, new building management system, new mechanical services switch board and all new control and power wiring has produced a building with reliable, precise and the most energy efficient operation possible.

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Today, The Ipswich Civic Centre now operates with reliability and with significantly less energy consumption while its patrons enjoy year round comfort.