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Field lighting upgrade

Briggs Road Sporting Complex

Briggs Road Sporting Complex

Replacement of field lighting for the main & junior football fieldsBriggs Road image 4

Ipswich is well known for producing world class rugby league players, and no wonder. The development of junior rugby league players is taken seriously. The Briggs Road Sports Ground is the centre of junior rugby league in Ipswich. So when Council made the decision to light an additional training field and relight the main playing field, Dawson's Technical Services was able to provide the engineering design, construction and commissioning and field testing of field lighting.

DTS was able to provide recommendations on lighting systems that provided illumination at levels that exceeded requirements with no increase in power consumption. The construction work proceeded and the grounds were returned to full operation with minimal disruption.Briggs Road image 1

The end result, playing fields illuminated to a high standard, and a value for money outcome for Council and most importantly Junior Rugby League development in Ipswich continues to flourish.