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When DTS met the Directors of Apprenticeship Queensland​ we were provided with an opportunity to design and construct an energy efficient and robust air conditioning system to provide comfort conditions all year round and with a low operating and construction cost.

The result was a system which took maximum advantage of the outdoor air when available at the desired conditions.

The system was designed to use 100% outdoor air with only the minimal amount of cooling from the air conditioner when the outdoor was cool, such as in Autumn and Spring and early in the mornings.  In winter months the air conditioning system was not required to provide cooling at all with only a little heating required in the first hour or two on those really chilly mornings.

On those hot summer days the control system monitors the outdoor temperature and humidity and them permits only the required amount of out door air to ensure a fresh indoor environment. This reduces the usual large energy costs of conventional air conditioning systems.

The outcome has been a fresh office environment and minimal electrical cost to operate the air conditioning systems.

A simple, robust, highly energy efficient air conditioning system that is fit for purpose and provides value for money both in construction and operation.