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Training and Development

The performance of any organisation is only as good as its staff. The staff of DTS are what make the difference when it comes to achieving the high standards of work and reporting required by many of our clients.

The staff of DTS undergo regular training in all facets of our work.

Technical staff partipate in monthly toolbox meetings whih reinforce all aspects of safety and specialist technical knowledge. Additionally, specialist technician groups such as our chiller group and fire services group undergo detailed trainingprovided byequipment manufacturers and peak industry training organisations. Every six months, all technical staff come together at the DTS headquarters to undergo a full day of electrical safety training including LVR and CPR and at the same time carry out the testing and calibration of all test instruments and electrical safety equipment.

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DTS functions using a systems-based approach. These systems do not produce the required outcomes without dedicated administrative staff. Our administrative staff are continually challenged to extend their breadth and depth of their ability to perform every administrative function required to meet our client's high expectations.

The result of this is that DTS continually provides on-the-job training as well as the opportunity for formal off-the-job training leading to certificate and under-graduate qualifications.

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