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Chiller Service Group

Chiller Service Group

CivicCentreChillerIt is unlikely that a chiller exists that at least one of the group have not installed, commissioned, serviced or repaired. DTS holds complete manuals and detailed service requirements for all makes and models of chiller plant.

Each chiller we install, service or repair is treated uniquely. The utmost care is taken to ensure the very specific requirements of individual chillers in its application are documented and that commissioning and planned maintenance programs are developed to make sure that every chiller continues to operate at peak performance and efficiency for its entire life.

The chiller service group has performed services from Cairns in the north to the New South Wales border in the south and from Oakey to Moreton Bay. The group is supported as required by the entire DTS Company and has full engineering and design back up from the engineering group.

DTS ensures its staff recieve up to date training from the manufacturers to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to perform the latest service requirements.